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re+ CRM is a business-oriented system

Website integration

The system allows for integration with a corporate website, so that selected data – such as information about offers – can be exported and presented on a website.

External tools integration

The flexibility of the system allows for integration with external tools that streamline the work of various departments, such as the marketing or finance department.

Dedicated analytical tools

Apart from the tools that come with the re+ CRM, it is possible to implement solutions that allow for analysing specific data in line with the company’s needs.

Custom branding

The company can freely customise the appearance of the application and the presentations to match the corporation’s visual identity.

Exceptional security solutions

The application is equipped with security measures that protect data on several levels. The system allows for adding extra solutions to monitor data access.

Dedicated infrastructure

The re+ system does not scale and is not tied to a specific architecture, which makes it possible to move the data to additional servers when required by the customer’s needs.

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Piotr Smagała

Business Development Manager

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