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It is time for CRM | Advantage through information

28 April 2017

How large benefits can a company expect to gain through the implementation a CRM system and the following automation of the management of sales processes? The answer is simple: tremendous. The first step is to recognise how large the negative consequences of not adopting such a system can be.

Many managers and managing directors do not even realise how much productivity can suffer when their employees settle for individual calendars, notes and Excel forms. The lack of structure in their work causes data and information recorded by one employee to be entirely unintelligible to other employees. And this is just one of the ways in which effectiveness and communication in individual departments are hindered.

Long-term actions
Lack of proper work tools makes employees less efficient. In turn, the service provided to their clients is not satisfactory enough to encourage them to keep using the company’s services and products. Why is this the case? The root cause is the inadequate flow of information related to client communication. If data is simply stored away without any obvious reminders, its potential remains untapped. When leads are accumulated in large numbers, it becomes likely that significant information about the client will be overlooked precisely in the moment when the relevant communication should happen. Thus, a potential transaction is lost.
A CRM system helps to gather and share information on the client, which facilitates providing them with comprehensive service. A sales specialist working with a CRM system updates data on collected leads on an ongoing basis. The data is properly structured and entirely intelligible to every employee who can access the system. In the long term, this solution makes it possible for multiple employees to conduct talks with a single client, retaining access to all necessary information, which does not fall between the cracks in crucial moments.

System: chaos
Lack of systematisation in communication and negotiation paths leaves many open topics without proper closure. This happens when the company loses control over the sales process, which results in financial damage. A chaotic approach to sales entails inadequate utilisation of the capital consisting in previous clients and unfinalised transactions.
When sales processes are not monitored, it is impossible to control the work of salespeople and evaluate their efficiency. Properly adjusted CRM software makes it possible to consistently supervise work and measure its effects. Additionally, a CRM system can provide automatically generated reports on the results achieved by individual employees, which significantly optimises the sales process.

CRM philosophy
Implementing a new system in the company tends to raise concern among the employees. To avoid anxiety following the implementation of a CRM system, it is important to understand its philosophy — optimising those processes in the marketing and sales department which involve providing services to the clients. The purpose of such a system is increasing the profitability of the company through the automation of its key internal processes.
Each employee has access to the same tools, so that the communication path becomes very clear. A period of adjustment is followed by definite systematisation of the work, decreasing the time necessary to attend to a client. This in turn increases the number of clients who can be reached by a single employee. At the same time, the data gathered in a CRM can be used to tailor the offer to individual needs. This saves time that would normally be spent creating offers that are unlikely to result in an actual sale.

Who might lose twice
What are the overall benefits of using a CRM system? First of all, it increases the efficiency of the work and the effectiveness of the employees. Adjusting individual options to a specific company allows it to only receive desirable information and only acquire valuable leads. As a result, work time and efficiency are optimised. These are all unquestionable benefits to the employees.
But it should also be noted that CRM software is a perfect solution for monitoring the results of the work. Appropriate algorithms can be used to generate reports, which makes it easier to evaluate the efficiency of the marketing department, which provides leads, and the sales department, which deals with client communication. The lack of proper tools results in the company losing twice: first, because of the lower efficiency of the employees, and second, because it is impossible to actually control the internal processes that are key to the profitability of the enterprise.