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Startup for a corporation. A fad or a valuable partner?

Startups and large global corporations represent fundamentally distant worlds. The former are associated with a fresh approach to conducting […]

Modern tools for real estate industry. How to gain competitive advantage?

Over the past decade, the real estate sale formula has diametrically changed. More often sale starts in the internet […]

Soft to suit | Computer assisted enterprise

Properly adjusted systems facilitating communication and data exchange are key to optimiisng work time and costs. How should you […]

5 reasons why a CRM gives you business advantage

Nothing testifies to one’s competitiveness in the real estate market more than being able to quickly provide the client […]

It is time for CRM | Advantage through information

How large benefits can a company expect to gain through the implementation a CRM system and the following automation […]

Eclipse CRM for JLL

Flexibility, versatility and user-friendliness – these are a few of the advantages of the new dedicated Eclipse system, which […]

10 things a CRM system for real estate should have

A perfect system? It is rather unheard of in an industry which works with peculiar data and often requires […]